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the Inside job is one of those great things that happen in life when all else seems to be falling apart.

In the midst of frantically re-thinking life's priorities in lockdown mode, the idea of "the Inside job" formed as way to nurture and grow connections with fellow creative professionals sharing the same passion for the art of designing distinctly beautiful spatial experiences.

There is much to be said for the power of collaboration.

We provide our insider skills customised to your project needs so you can view your creation from all different angles and make sure it grows to its full potential.

the Inside job collectively encompasses a breadth of diverse skills gained through each of our own journeys in the world of art & design. All our 'insiders' share the ability to think outside the box, the desire to inspire and support the creative industry and get excited about co-working, networking and building mutually beneficial productive relationships.

Because we LOVE being a part of great interiors in the making.


Tatiana Terezaki, creative insider and founder of the Inside job is a spatial designer with a background in fine arts, set design and interior architecture. She loves creating experiences through spaces that tell stories.

Her career in the Art and Design industry spans over 24 years and through her varied work experience she has developed an in-depth understanding of the different processes across a vast array of creative disciplines and brings with her diversity, adaptability and an appreciation for creative collaboration.

"My strengths are in creating concept designs with a sense of purpose and a well grounded narrative. I love helping others develop their strengths, value good honest constructive criticism and find working as part of a team to be motivating and highly rewarding... Which is why I decided to set up the Inside job"

Check out her portfolio page for examples of projects she's worked on, connect with us on Instagram to share your thoughts or just cut to the chase and lets talk!

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